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J en T De Vos
J en T De Vos
Westmalle - BE
My name is Jan de Vos and together with my lovely wife Tamara, we have two wonderful children. Since 2000, we have been active in network marketing, offline with M4M International - and online on several social media platforms. The large networks that we have built, attracts a lot of people to contact us with their different MLM offers. Despite however proven they think their MLM business model might be, most of them fail anyway - through a lack of structure and substance in the company. My first encounter with United Wealth and Wealth Creation Workshop was not with a different attitude than to any other MLM systems; mistrust - thus searching for defects. Despite the fact that I couldn’t find any negative information at all, my mistrust remained, so I showed the business to various experts. They confirmed that everything looked correct - and thereafter interviews with the founders, made me decide to continue to see how it was working. I then contacted top networkers from my own network - and introduced them to the product. Their reactions really surprised me in the most positive way, so I was no longer in doubt that this is a great business, with huge future potential!!! Many of them also joined the system - so after the first two months, we decided to work the United Wealth System full time - because it really brings enormous benefits for both us and our colleagues. It’s of course up to you - but remember: Your ACTIONS determines what you get out of LIFE - so come join us today!!!