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E Bödges en P van Minnebruggen
E Bödges en P van Minnebruggen
Brasschaat - BE
We have a great family with 3 cool teenagers. We are self-employed since 1992 and have always worked a lot. Long days and little weekends and holidays. In 2012, we intended to put much more focus on the things that are really important to us , namely, the kids, our health and our personal development. We then laughingly made the decision to work half as much but to double our income. Meanwhile, we have done that and we both became partner at United Wealth . Thanks to the very favorable compensation and bonus plan and unique profit share we have again taken the decision to halve our working hours, and to go for doubling our income ( and more ... ). The difference is that we now share how we do this together with United Weatlh . Everyone needs growth in all areas of life , not just financially. Thanks to the workshop Wealth Creation , we now have a tool in the hands that not only brings balance , can provide an income but also will create an inimaginable boost to your passive income. Certainty in all areas, well done and thank you United Wealth !